Burger King Introduces the World's Most Evil Whopper

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Burger King Time to Time keeps on doing new experiments to maintain the quality of its menu.

Burger King is running an ongoing promotion in Japan to promote the upcoming release of "Diablo 4," the next main entry in the action participation franchise that

Activision Blizzard launched in 1996. "Diablo 4" is the next main entry because it is the next main entry in the franchise.

The Diablo, the Butcher, and the Lilith are the names of the three new Whoppers that may be purchased from the chain.

These names are from characters in the newest game. While the Butcher features a beef patty in addition to a fried chicken patty, the Diablo is a garlic double hamburger with four pieces of cheese.

The Lilith, the most recent addition to the lineup, is a double hamburger that comes with four separate pieces of cheese and a fiery tomato sauce.

In addition, Burger King has added a contest to the offer, during which they will give away free meals over the course of four days.

However, one lucky user will walk away with a Lenovo 570i laptop emblazoned with the "Diablo 4" logo.

Over 6,000 Pounds Of Sold Chicken Recalled

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