Burger King giving a special offer on Whopper

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To increase the value of its Whopper, Burger King had increased the value of its other food items from $5 to $6.

Burger King is managing its cost to provide good service to its customers. But the question is, how will Burger King do this?

Burger King had said in a meeting that they have to protect their Whopper like a premium product.

To make its Whopper a multiple value brand, Burger King has removed its other burgers from the discount offer.

Burger King is also offering French Fries with its famous Chicken Sandwich and the price of this single offer is $6.

McDonald's and Wendy's were offering such offers before Burger King. Their offer was much cheaper than Burger King.

This new offer from Burger King is $.99 more expensive than Wendy's Biggie Bag offer.

Wendy's is also providing 2 burger patties along with the sandwich in its Biggie Bag offer.

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