Burger King Adds Another New Whopper To The Menu

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Last month, Whopper airdropped free Whopper app codes to celebrate its 65th anniversary. Burger King is celebrating the holiday season with 12 Days of Deals till December 17.

All through the Whopper's history, some were designed for excess and disorder. Seven patties topped the rare Windows 7 Whopper.

 New York-style pizza, burrito, and doughnut burgers are Whopper varieties.

The black-bunned Halloween Whopper and Burger King Germany's Mother's Day Whoppers, which included a Whopper with pickles and whipped cream, have been mocked.

However, many have proven good and popular with fast food enthusiasts worldwide. Burger King's next Whopper won't be a novelty, but it may satisfy many consumers.

Burger King is offering a new Whopper at select locations. The Shroom N' Swiss Whopper Melt has two quarter-pound Whopper Jr. patties topped with

melted Swiss cheese, roasted mushrooms, and Royal Sauce. This Whopper has two pieces of toasted bread instead of a bun, as expected for a melt sandwich.

Burger King's Whopper plans and locations remain unclear and we hope they reveal this soon.

If this toasty, creamy, spongy texture Whopper sounds amazing to you, who realises? You could stumble into a Shroom N' Swiss Whopper Melt.

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