Biggest Regrets People Confess After a Breakup

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ignoring warning signs

Ignoring issues or warning signs in a partnership can make them worsen and be more harder to resolve,

It is better to sort things out early in a relationship, as later there is a lot of regret about this matter.

Egos hindering

When you start having ego in a relationship, then your relationship does not last long.

Some may regret letting pride or ego keep them from apologising, conceding, or showing weakness, which may have improved the partnership.

Lacking borders

each and every couple to establish healthy boundaries at the outset of an emotional bond and periodically thereafter.

Someone who doesn't take care of oneself may blame their ex-partner for their own neglect.

Failing to adequately convey

It is very important to have the right kind of conversation in a relationship, 

many times wrong things are spoken due to which the relationship gets spoiled.

Untimely breakup

People should avoid making life-altering choices when they're feeling emotionally vulnerable.

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