Biggest Dating Myths Ruining Your Relationships

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 avoid looking desperate

Your potential partner might not be the greatest fit if they interpret your honesty as neediness.

The myth that one should keep their enthusiasm for a possible new romance to avoid appearing "desperate" is widely spread.

never go to bed angry 

Everyone is aware of the "law" that you should never go to bed angry with your significant other. So, according to couples therapists, this is not the case.

Neither party will be happy until you take the time to understand and naturally finish." If you do not resolve the issue, it may harm your relationship.

Jealousy is sign of care

It is normal to be jealous in a relationship, but excessive jealousy can also spoil your relationship.

 a big step will fix your relationship

If there is any mistake in the relationship, due to which your relationship feels the decline. Only one good step of yours can correct it.

Mutual disputes can be resolved only by talking in a relationship. Because relationship is made better only by good conversation.

Going to couples counseling sign of bad relationship

Going to couple counseling is sign of ending your relationship. Because the one who has good relationship does not need it.

There is no need of any couple counseling in the relationship. Because there is a good relationship which automatically understands everything.

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