Best ways to remove dip powder from nails

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Get rid of the top layer

The most effective way to get rid of dip at home is to file or buff off the top layer. This lets the acetone get to the inner lining.

The the outside of your fingernails can be dulled and dusted with an emery board.

Use acetone-soaked cotton to wrap the nail

To take this off, you need acetone, just like with any other nail polish. But since the dip powder won't come off with a single swipe,

you may save yourself the trouble of having to scrub your nails clean with a wet cotton ball.

As often as needed

When you take off the paper or take your fingers out of the acetone, the dust should be easy to wipe away.

Even though dip powder's nail glue, methyl methacrylate, is easier to remove than gel manicures,

Take off the rest of the product

Even if you soak, wipe, and soak again, there may still be spots of product. 

Use an orange wood stick and a buffer to get rid of any leftover product," and "Repeat if necessary.

Care for your aftercare properly

Based on how often you buy dip powder, you might need a break from it. Depending on how often you do this as part of your beauty routine,

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