Best Tips For Switching To Shorter Hair After 50


Google, Blogger, and Facebook are also useful. Sobchak advises providing your stylist photographs of your favourite looks.

Look for creativity

To make your hair look good, you need a good hairstylist.

Find the right stylist

You might be shocked to learn that maintaining the healthiest looking hair may need a bit more everyday work.

Change your routine

Even though it's technically a bob cut, this style is easily recognisable thanks to its shoulder-grazing length.

Consider a lob

your barber or hairstylist for a trim that is shorter in back and longer on top, with the instruction to maintain the edges soft.

Don't rule out a pixie cut

Your hairstylist will give you this style by strategically cutting your hair around your face.

Try face-framing layers

For bobs, lobs, and layers, your hairstylist can recommend a pair of bangs that will complement your features.

Get in on the bang trend

It's possible that short cuts will begin to seem untidy. A bonus of regular haircuts is the prevention of damage, such as split ends and windblown.

Schedule frequent trims

permitted to return for style help in the first two weeks following the haircut and acquire the latest styling gel so you can recreate the look at house.

Attend your appointment

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