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Topkapı Palace Museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

In the centre of Istanbul, on the riverfront at the mouth of the Bosphorus Strait, sits the Topkap Palace Museum, which housed Ottoman sultans.

The Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece)

The Acropolis Museum in Athens displays objects from the city's hilltop centre.

Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

In secret, Anne penned her acclaimed journal, portraying the mentality of a young girl during WWII.

National World War I Museum & Memorial (Kansas City, Missouri)

The hilltop Art Deco landmark and subterranean interactive museum from the 1920s are spectacular.

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington, New Zealand)

New Zealand's "home" on Wellington's waterfront is this six-story museum.

Egyptian Antiquities Museum (Cairo, Egypt)

The Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo houses one of the most extensive collections of ancient Egyptian antiquities.

National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (Cooperstown, New York)

Cooperstown, New York's National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum rivals a night at the ballpark.

It relates the greatest events in baseball to America's cultural history. Norman Rockwell America is the neighbouring community.

Judisches Museum (Berlin, Germany)

This interactive display encourages visitors of all ages to consider and investigate the Holocaust's worldwide effect.

Georgian National Museum (Tbilisi, Georgia)

The 2004 Georgian National Museum showcases 12 organisations' collections and Georgia's significance in Middle Eastern, European, and Caucasus history.

Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem delves into Biblical history. It houses a massive collection of ancient art and artefacts, including well preserved Dead Sea scrolls.

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