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The secret to their perfectly crisp exterior and airy interior fries is the Russet Burbank potatoes they use.

McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's has the greatest french fries. Period. The potatoes have never failed to satisfy in terms of doneness, firmness, or seasoning.

The spicy Cajun fries, "served hot and perfectly portioned," are a must with his Five Guys burger.

Five Guys Cajun Fries

Five Guys' Cajun-seasoned fries are a favorite. With a limited menu, the fryers are rarely used, and the fries are well-soaked and rinsed.

No more McDonald's. In-N-Out fries, please. I'd rather it be properly fried twice blanched and then crispy fried, but at least I know it's a genuine potato.

In-N-Out Fries

Arbys is unpopular yet has tasty fries. Curly fries taste better. McDonald's fries are salty and classic. They're dependable.

Arby's Curly Fries

For certain chefs, it's all about the right combination of spices. Have an exquisite balance of sweet and savoury flavor, which can only be described as heaven.

Checkers French Fries

The French fries sold at Burger King are of exceptionally high quality.

Burger King French Fries

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