Best Crystals to Put in Each Room of Your Home

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Tumbled Carnelian

However, putting a strong gemstone like tiger's eye in a south-facing window will offer positive energy and prospects.

Chrysoverde Natural Green Chalcedony Cabochons From Peru

An suitable crystal in a north-facing window may attract good luck as certain cultures equate the north with occupational success.


After the Moon goddess Selene, selenite purifies. You feel calmer and the bathroom is brighter. You'll experience a complete renewal!

Spirit Quartz

Black tourmaline, a psychic protector stone. Whatever negative energy you bring home is absorbed by it and transformed. similar to feeling safe.


This beautiful, calming stone aids in your ability to access fairy wisdom. To aid in the growth of plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers, and animals, place fuchsite nearby.

Ultimate Protection Shungite Crystal Orgone Cone

Shungite, a carbon-rich rock, was once algae. It encourages wellbeing and cleanses the air in the kitchen.

Ruby Fuchsite Heart Crystal Carving

The MVP gem is more expensive than tumbled emeralds, which are opaque with black and white specks.

It bestows vigour, wealth, home fulfilment, and good fortune. Put it at the focal point of your house to draw in amazing energy, invitations, and possibilities.

Ethically Sourced Black Tourmaline Stone With Fabric Pouch

This gem helps you "give" at work. It inspires you to help others and improve the world.

Selenite Tower 4"

This attentive worker maintains vibration by filtering energy. In crowded spaces like your living room, it functions best. Allow it to operate in a corner.

Green Jade Crystal 2" Tumbled Polished Rocks

Before going to sleep, take a deep breath and hold a little in your palm. Think of floating peacefully on a cloud. Go to bed with it.


Carnelian promotes spontaneity, bravery, and fun, all of which are necessary for a fire romance. Check a section under your mattress.

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