Best Colors to Wear If You Have Gray Hair

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Avoid hues that match grey hair while choosing clothes. This will make you look older and less vibrant.


Instead of matching your grey hair to your brown or hazel eyes, employ colours to highlight them.


Grays aren't off-limits, but you'll want to pick the right shade. Try not to match your hair's grey when wearing grey.

Wear a charcoal shirt instead of a white shirt if you have bright white hair.


Silver hair and crimson are a stunning mix. Red sweaters and dresses look lovely on grey-haired women.


If you're cool-toned, try black. Black is stunning and fashionable. If it's too stark, go the other way." Lavender and warm pink work well with cold undertones to enliven your look.


Warm hues are best for warm-toned people. Burgundy, fuchsia, and deep bottle green. They'll improve your skin and hair colour.

Rose Gold

Gray looks great with certain jewellery colours also. Grey hair brings up rose gold's pink undertones, therefore we recommend it for earrings.

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