Best Colors to Wear If You Have Blonde Hair

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Pastel lavender is the ideal complementary color for cool-skinned blondes.

Lavender, opposite yellow on the color wheel, improves color without dominating. Winter is frosty; summer is pleasant.

Orange-y red

Orange-y crimson suits, blonde hair, and warmer skin. It's warm like their skin, matches their hair color, and has an uplifting effervescence.


Neutral-toned blondes suit many hues. Coral—from peach-pink to poppy—flatters all complexion tones. It's another uplifting, happy color.

Build your summer outfit around the lively shade. Add delicate cashmere cardigans in winter.


For yellow-blonde hair, go metallic. Bronze, gold, and champagne suit warm blondes. Think Margot Robbie on the red carpet—warm metallics make hair shine.

Sequins and rhinestones at the office? Subdue it. Rust, mustard, and creams complement hair without washing it out.

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Blondes should accessorize with yellow—handbags with gold hardware, belts with gold buckles, overcoats with gold buttons, citrine and

topaz gemstones, and gold, precious metal. Gold adds sparkle, depth, and excitement to blonde hair.

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