Avoid These Debit Card Purchases

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oil pump

A considerable portion of your available cash may be temporarily held by many gas stations because of the pre-authorization process required before you may pump petrol.

Bank fees and other charges may apply if there are insufficient funds in your account.

bulk shopping

Using a debit card is dangerous since the protections against fraud are less than those offered by credit cards.

Your bank account is automatically debited. That might make it difficult for you to make ends meet, especially if you have payments or rent to pay.

transactions abroad

In certain cases, the rate of exchange offered by international ATMs or retailers is worse than the value offered by using a credit card.

Use a prepaid card to get money in the domestic currency only if absolutely necessary, or a credit card that doesn't charge you a fee for using it in a different nation.

Recurring payments

It's possible to incur bank penalties or have cash temporarily unavailable if you use a debit card to make regular payments.

Online purchases

Hackers can more easily gain your financial information while using a debit card because of the direct connection to your savings account.

Hotels, travel, etc

Travelers should realise that using a payment method to hire a car might put a big hold on their checking account.

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