Astrological assertion for all zodiac signs

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In other words, I adore and accept me. When I look to myself and my actions, it is with love. My safety is not in jeopardy.


My adaptability and ease of thought allow me to perceive things from many perspectives. Infinite possibilities exist for action and interpretation. 


To put it simply, I have faith in the natural order of things and a healthy appreciation for myself.


What I say matters. I have credibility. I shower myself with affection and feed my soul with happy thoughts. 


I open my heart and soul to the joyous experience of being alive. I have only ever known happiness and love in my life.


My life is in agreement with my beliefs. I constantly absorb and integrate fresh information. 


I make good use of my authority. I am powerful. I'm secure. It's all good.


I effortlessly let go of everything I don't need. I'm free now that the past is behind me.


I make the decision to live from the heart's empty space. I search all around for love and discover it.


I have good organisation and balance. I am healthy and powerful. To be who I am feels comfortable.


I'm entitled to happiness in life. I enjoy every enjoyment humanity has to give.


The only thing left to do is put these affirmations into practise while loving and trusting yourself.

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