Arby's Has A Item That Smells Like Meat

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Sometimes one's taste can be known by smell. And then a powerful feeling comes in our mind about that.

Arby's is a very popular chain and is known for its meat filled sandwiches.

This holiday season, Arby's launched a wrapping paper that smells like meat.

The items is offered for sale on the website of the retailer at the price of $18.50 and features the chain's famed meat sandwiches printed all over it.

Some time back the company had launched meat decoration paper but it did not smell.

On the other hand, the aroma of Arby's ham could turn some people off completely, despite the fact that it does please others.

Sharing his item on Twitter and Insta, Arby wrote, "A product that smells like meat and looks like meat, than who cares what's inside."

This product is certain to be a success with Arby's regulars. Use it to wrap joke gifts or white elephant gifts. It will definitely capture the recipient's attention.

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