America's Favorite Grocery Store Is 7-Eleven?

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Whether you like it or not, grocery shopping is a must. Shopping habits reveal a lot.

Some shoppers choose Walmart for one-stop shopping. Others are always looking for the greatest Aldi or Lidl prices. Others favour Trader Joe's speciality brands.

What's America's favourite grocery store? A recent multinational research firm poll says none of the above.

It's 7-Eleven, the Slurpee-selling convenience store giant with over 9,400 U.S. outlets.

The "world's largest convenience store" led YouGov's 2022 grocery survey with a 62% popularity rating, followed by Aldi (61%), Kroger (61%), Trader Joe's (58%) and Whole Foods Market (53%).

Albertsons, Safeway, Piggly Wiggly, and Circle K—one of 7-Eleven's main competitors—made America's top 10.

Which age group loves 7-Eleven? Millennials. Generation X and Baby Boomers preferred Kroger, while Slurpee had the greatest popularity score of 65%.

Men favoured 7-Eleven, while women preferred Aldi, one of America's fastest-growing supermarket chains with approximately 2,300 shops.

These findings concerning today's American supermarket buyer are ambiguous.

The overwhelming popularity of 7-Eleven and Aldi suggests a fresh spin on the traditional American slogan: "Give me convenience, or give me a deal."

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