8 Toxic Things to Never Say to Your Partner

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Give me an example

If you ask your spouse to "provide you an example" of a time you behaved a specific way while

working through a problem, you're basically asking them to verify their argument.

I hear you, but

This sentence might divide you and your companion. Clarify your position.

This again?

The individual who asked it doesn't want to talk about it because it's been discussed before.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

This term blames your partner. "After saying anything cruel, stating "I'm sorry you feel that way" doesn't apologise.

That's not something to be upset over.

This dismisses your partner's sentiments. "A response like this brands someone's emotional response as improper.

My best friend's partner doesn't care about this.

Comparing your lover to your friends' is doomed. Asking about your partner's sentiments. "Can you explain what upsets you?"

Why can't you just let this go?"

Genuinely inviting a talk can help our partners let go. 'I see that this comes up for us regularly, and I want to understand why this topic is so significant to you'.

If you would just calm down, everything would be fine.

Your lover thinks I'm too much for this person I adore and can't express my actual feelings.

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