7 Tips For Dating After Divorce

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kind of people

I always advise our single moms and dads to date someone who they want their (future or present) child to grow up into as adults. 

child to behave

It can feel exhilarating to enter into the dating scene after a long time but refuse to rush into a relationship and take your time. 

time and date

Single parenting means relying heavily on scheduling to get everything done. 

Only introduce 

Wait to introduce the kids to your love interest until you’ve made the relationship exclusive: official boyfriend or girlfriend status. 

ecurity precautions

Unless you work with a dating service, this is an important step for single parents dating after divorce 

Explore topics

Frequently, when nervous on a first date after divorce, people will default to the most comfortable topics for them


Although frequently wise beyond their years, children need space from your dating life. 

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