7 Houseplants That Will Survive Winter


The thick, waxy leaves of the ZZ plant assist it to endure drier circumstances in the home during the winter when the heat is turned on.

ZZ Plant

The snake plant is low-maintenance since it thrives near sources of dry, heated air, such as heaters and furnaces.

Snake Plant

Its capacity to survive in arid settings and adapt to different lighting patterns is likely a result of evolution in these desert-adapted species.

The many different colours and variations of this plant, all of which are easily distinguished by their trailing tendrils and


heart-shaped leaves, make it one of the most popular types of houseplants, and with good reason.

Although it is native to a warmer area, this plant is winter hardy because to its tolerance of low temperatures, little light, and dry air.


Ponytail palms require strong light to thrive, although they may make do with medium-low light levels, such as those found indoors or during the winter months.

Ponytail Palm

Because of their thick leaves, succulents are able to conserve water and thrive even in arid environments, making them ideal houseplants for the winter.


They are able to withstand direct sunlight, however not as much as some other plants.

These plants thrive in low light and infrequent watering, making them ideal housemates throughout the long winter months.

Christmas Cactus

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