6 Eye Movements That Mean Someone Is Attracted to You

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They pop their eyes and lean back

The body naturally widens the eyes and backs up to see better. On a date, this may indicate that your partner likes staring at you.

They glance at you sideways then look away

When you notice someone looking at you sideways and they instantly glance away... They're ashamed because they checked you out.

They blink a lot

Not every eye contact signals flirting. Blinking. Blinking is natural, but the pace is telling.

Fast blinking indicates tension—good stress, eagerness, or nervousness—while slow blinking indicates apathy. You may be giving them stomach butterflies.

They keep looking at your lips

Should you kiss? Here's how to tell whether your date wants to kiss you as it ends.

They're thinking about kissing if they're looking at your lips. A triangular gaze at the lips suggests desire and lust. Your date probably wants a kiss.

They look you up and down

"The body scan might be a harmless subconscious reaction to a person finding your form appealing," despite its unpleasant image.

They make prolonged eye contact

Prolonged eye contact is a good indicator of a good date. With a grin, this eye contact connects you.

Breaking eye contact may be uncomfortable, so look elsewhere.

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