5 Body Language Signs to Avoid a Family Fight

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Turned body direction

"The primary thing to look for throughout a discussion is where someone's feet and body are pointed."

If they move away from you, it might indicate that they are uncomfortable or disinterested in the encounter.

Lack of eye contact

This might indicate that the person is shy or apprehensive and avoiding the conversation by not establishing eye contact.

They may also be uncomfortable with the topic or the individuals in the room.

Clenched fists

The person's facial expressions and body language while clenching their fists may reveal their feelings.

If you witness this, approach the person gently. Compassion and listening create a secure and pleasant environment.

Crossed arms

Many families put people under responsibility. That's bad. "You may always say, 'Would you like to discuss more about this or would you like to stop? Respectful."

Facial tension

Tension may reveal someone's face. Short, abrupt facial muscular flexions usually express anger, fear, annoyance, or constraint.

Suppressing unpleasant emotions generally tenses people's features. We generally tread lightly around those who can't handle our emotions over the holidays.

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