5 Body Language Signs That Mean Your Partner Is in the Mood

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They give you a flirty gaze

Some will playfully glance away, while others will stare at you. Some stare before looking away. Your partner's expression may vary somewhat elsewhere.

They may grin while making eye contact, stare intensely, or lick their lips while looking down. To gauge a partner's mood, check in.

They graze your skin

Touch is another indicator your spouse wants it on.

They may touch your inner thigh, run their hands over your neck, sensually graze your collarbone, or tickle your cheekbones and ears with their cheeks or nose.

They lean forward

Check your partner's posture. Crossed arms and legs may make them tight or detached.

However, moods change signals. They may lean forward to come closer to you and gaze into your eyes, or they may physically move next to you.

They pull you close

Many individuals indicate sex by drawing their partner closer. Closeness relaxes and connects you. Skin-on-skin can stimulate sexual exploration.

They say they're in the mood

It's vital not to assume someone wants sex based on body language, especially if you don't know them well.

When in doubt, ask, lean closer, or softly touch them to see how they react. Someone may cuddle with you yet not desire sex.

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