5 Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Is Lying

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Their feet are positioned in a specific manner

Someone concerned with their lies may tap or move their feet a lot. The feet disclose the most.

If a person's foot abruptly points away, they might be running or lying. Their actions contradict their statements.

They are fussing over their looks

Lies can cause two more appearance changes. They can use a cloth to wipe their brow.

Another thing they are concerned about is brushing long hair to the side. This distracts people from their falsehoods.

They are unable to make eye contact

Eyes, as the windows to the soul, may expose duplicity. Eye movement can "simply" reveal a liar.

They realise they're lying and feel less guilty if they avoid eye contact.

Their posture seems more tight

This causes people to cross their arms and legs, making them appear smaller and more uncomfortable. People who are self-assured and sincere have open body postures.

Their body language is out of the ordinary

Each person's primary body language symptom of lying is distinct.

It's critical to investigate if someone's body language differs from that of others. Anyone who is lying should change their behaviour.

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