11 Discontinued Fast-Food Burgers

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Arch Deluxe

McDonald's Arch Deluxe was the most flop burger and it was also very expensive. For this reason it was discontinued.

Whataburger Chop House Cheddar Burger

Chop House Cheddar Burger was launched in 2009 and this burger became popular very quickly.

Hardee's Beyond Thickburger

These fine burgers at Hardee's went meat-free in 2019. Then after some time it was discontinued and the focus was on other products.

McDonald's Signature Crafted Burgers

It used to take a lot of time to make signature crafted burgers. And in 2019, McDonald's started reducing its product with this burger.

Jack In the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers

Three tiny burgers with American cheese, grilled onions, and ketchup were ordered. In 2011, Jack in the Box discontinued minis due to low sales.

McDonald's Angus Burger

The one-third-pound Angus beef burger, offered in three flavours, targeted younger consumers who preferred premium burgers at sit-down restaurants and was withdrawn in 2013 after a $4 price decrease.

Burger King Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger was a very popular item of Burger King. This burger was full of calories. But in 2013 it was discontinued.

Wendy's Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger

The Goda Bacon was one such cheeseburger that Wendy's launched in 2015 for a limited time.

McDonald's Big N Tasty

McDonald's brought Big N Tasty to the market in 1997. The Big N Tasty was downgraded to the dollar menu and cancelled in 2011.

Burger King's Burger Shots

Burger King brought its burger shots in 2008 and it became very popular but it was discontinued after a few years.

Wendy's Bacon and Blue Burger

Wendy's was the first to come up with the Blue Cheese Burger but after that the same Burger was merged with Better Taste. This burger was discontinued in 2015.

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