10 Actionable Ways to Show a Man You Love Him

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Put down your phone

Your male likes your undivided attention, even if women function differently. "I adore you and prioritise you," it says. Just look at him and don't interrupt.

dress beautifuly

Dressing up shows him you still care about your appearance. Males are more visual than women. Your gorgeous clothing indicates him you want him.

please make his favorite meal

Knowing his favourite foods without asking shows you know him well. My patients who know each other's little quirks have the happiest marriages.

keep yourself maintain

You do these things for yourself, but they also show him you love him. This says, "I want a long, great life with you, and I'll do whatever it takes to avoid you from losing someone."

say him to make some time for himself

Your partner may have problems communicating his wants, including downtime. Recommend he relaxes with friends, plays video games, or sleeps in periodically.

Compliment him

Say thanks when he opens the jam jar or takes out the garbage without prompting. Give him compliments while he's dressed.

watch movie of his choice

Restaurant. or Sunday afternoon family fun. Letting him choose how to spend your downtime shows that you're a team, even if it means letting him vote.

say him thankyou for little things

Thank your hubby for taking the kids to school or food shopping. Even though you do it all the time, it's worth mentioning when he performs something without prompting.

give him a hug

Men touch, women talk. Give a seven-second hug. The hold is long, yet something about that number gives him something. You'll adore it too.

frame special photo with him

 Frame and place on your nightstand or coffee table. It's a great method to demonstrate your love. Reliving pleasant experiences is great too!

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