12 Years & Counting

Traffic Magazine

Dec/Jan 2006

Volume 1, Number 1 

Por La Guera Diana


There’s more to this restaurant than great Authentic Mexican Food.


December is an exciting month for El Rincon de America, Mexican and Salvadorean Restaurant. In December, 1993, owners Ramon and Ruth Nuñez opened the doors to their new adventure in feeding the Reedley Community.



Pupusas, thick tortillas that are fried and filled with a variety of ingredients, are a national staple in El Salvador. 

Eric Paul Zamora / The Fresno Bee

January 12, 2004


Tasty debut

The pupusa, one of El Salvador’s staple foods, heads north.

By Joan Obra / The Fresno Bee

Wednesday January 12, 2005


Everyone in El Salvador knows the pupusa. This thick tortilla, typically filled with combinations of cheese, beans, pork and a green vegetable blossom called loroco, is a staple of restaurants and home kitchens. Served with a thin, red salsa and curtido, a cabbage and carrot relish, pupusas are snacks, lunch, dinner — and sometimes even breakfast.



Visitando Restaurantes del Valle Volante Magazine

Number 9, February 2004 

Por La Guera Diana


Como a esta guera le gusta comer, y mas aun dar su opinion, a partir de este mes compartire mi experiencia sobre restaurantes, y les dare a conocer algunos de los tesoros escondidos de nuestro Valle para cuando usted quiera alejarse de su cocina.